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Advantages of Laser Printers

Laser printers have a significant number of advantages over other types of printers.  Unlike old style impact printers, which resembled typewriters that were hooked up to your computer, laser printers can print easily in color or black and white. They can also replicate any font or image as well as mix text with graphics with ease. 

Yet another advantage of color laser printers is that they are not as messy as inkjet printers. There is no danger of ink spillage as the ink is created from a powder. This powder, which is black, white and colored, is made from miniscule granules of plastic. The laser printer melts these granules and fuses the powder onto the printer. 

Unlike thermal printers whose images can become bleary if they come in contact with heat, laser printers can print on any type of paper as long as it can fit into the tray. However for best results you might want to consider buying color laser printer paper. 

Other advantages of owning a color laser printer include a higher resolution of the image, no smearing as well as a lower cost per page printed. This is especially true if you use the machine on a low contrast setting, which reduces the amount of ink that is used on each printed pages. 

Disadvantages of laser printers include a lack of portability (although they are getting smaller and lighter every year) as well as a more expensive price tag. Laser printers that are affordable may not also print as fast as other types and models. You can expect an inexpensive personal laser printer to print out about four pages a minute. 

Yet another problem is the higher cost of the printer cartridges although sometimes if you look around on the Internet you can find discounted printer cartridges.

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Disadvantages of Laser Printers