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How Long do Toner Cartridges Last?

Toner cartridges tend to last longer - the less you use your printer. So how long a toner cartridge lasts really does depend on how much you intend to use the printer. The real question is how much mileage do you get out of a cartridge and for what price. The answer to this question also depends on what kind of laser printer you have  - a laser printer or an inkjet printer. 

If you want to compare laser printers to inkjet printers, printing out on an inkjet costs about ten cents a page whether you are printing in color or black and white. By contrast the cost of printing out on a color laser printer is much cheaper. Laser printer pages work out to be a penny or two per page for black and white documents and about six cents per page for color documents. This means that a laser printer toner cartridge will last longer than an inkjet printer and print pages out at about half the price. 

A good quality color laser printer cartridge should be good for at least 7,000 pages (if you are planning to print in color) and maybe about 2,000 more pages (to 9.000) if you are only planning to print in black and white. 

Aside from being cheaper laser printers are a lot lower maintenance. The toner cartridges are usually easy to insert cartridges that can also be refilled or recycled.  Another benefit is that the images are literally melted onto the pages by the laser printerís fuser so printed pages wonít bleed or smear when they get wet. 

However when it comes to printing photo realistic color you are better off to use an inkjet printer with a color toner cartridge. The quality of your reproduced photograph will be much more accurate on an inkjet printer then it will be printed on a color laser printer.

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