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Can Toner Cartridges be Refilled?

It is possible to refill toner cartridges by taking them to the retailer where you originally bought them and asking for them to be refilled. Of course this depends on the type of toner cartridge that you buy for your printer. Not all types are refillable and you should really check with the manufacturer’s specification before you assume the toner cartridge is refillable. 

You can also refill toner cartridges yourself with kits than you can buy online. Although it is possible to refill toner cartridges on your own it is not necessarily recommended. Toner cartridges contain a very fine polymer powder that can suspend in the air for a long time causing a threat to people with bronchitis and asthma. Cartridge toner also causes headaches and malaises and is also classified as a known carcinogen. If you get it on your hands you must remove it immediately with COLD water as hot water will cause it to fuse into your pores. 

However if you do decide to buy refill kits you can expect to pay about sixteen dollars or more to replace a black and white toner cartridge and about twenty-one dollars or more to replace a color cartridge. These kits are widely available online and also on QVC and the Home Shopping Network. Their promise is to save you oodles of money when it comes to replacing your black and white and color toner cartridges which can cost anywhere from $80 to $400 depending on the model of your cartridge. 

Before buying a toner cartridge refill it is a good idea to look at the package to see what type of computers it is compatible with. Not all toner cartridge refills will be suitable for every computer. Another important document you should look at is your manufacturer’s recommendations for your printer. You will find that almost all of the major manufacturers of laser printers including Epsom, HP, Brother and Sharp do not recommend refilling your printer’s cartridges by yourself and that in fact doing so can void your printer’s warranty.

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