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Disadvantages of Laser Printers

Laser printers have very few disadvantages but they may not be the printer of choice for everyone. For instance if you do not have a lot of use for color documents you might as well spring for an inkjet printer or impact printer which prints mostly in black and white. 

Another area of functionality where a color laser printer may disappoint you is in terms of speed. Only the very high end laser printers used by corporations and big companies can print images fast. You can expect the average color laser printer that is sold for personal use to print out about four pages a minute. This might be too slow for businesses that need to speedily print out mailing lists or rough copies of documents for quick perusal.

A laser printer also gets really hot and it may smell in offices that donít have air conditioning. A laser printerís scanner tubes can reach temperatures as high as 200 degrees so it can definitely add heat to a room. This means it may not be the ideal machine for you to use in hot or humid climates. 

Another drawback of using a laser printer is that they are usually heavier and larger than the impact or inkjet type printers. However new technology is arriving every year to make the color laser printer a more portable and personal item. 

Another thing about a color laser printer that some people might find prohibitive is the cost. Usually they cost three or four times as much as other older types of printers. Yet another expense is the cost of the color laser printer cartridges, which can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the size and model of the machine that you buy. To make your color laser printer cartridge last as long as possible it is probably a good idea to print out documents in black whenever you can do so.


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